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 6in. Industrial Hot KnifeBlade images


6in. Industrial Hot KnifeBlade

SKU: MOM03001026

Price: Rs.2,449

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6 inch straight blade for the Industrial Hot Knife. Wrench for replacing the blade is included with the Industrial Hot Knife. The thick, ultra rigid 6" Blade is the standard blade that comes with the Industrial Knife. When cutting at high heat settings, try to keep the entire blade embedded in the foam to prevent the end from warping.

The Industrial Hot Knife will accommodate 4" and 6" straight blades. The 12" shapeable blade requires the Industrial Sled Guide.

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Product description

Category: Model Making, Foam Tool Accessories

Shipping weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: HotWireFoamFactory

Product code - SKU: MOM03001026

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