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 Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml images

  • Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml images
  • Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml images
  • Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml images
  • Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml images
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Art potch Varnish&Glue Gloss 29ml

SKU: HDD07001109

Price: Rs.230

In stock

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ART POTCH Varnish & Glue glossy 29ml

Water-based, transparent glue for terracotta, wood, ceramics, stone and cardboard.


Decoupage technique on clay pots

Step 1: Cut or tear motif from the decoupage sheet.The back slightly moistened with water, then the paper adapts easily later on to be decorated surface. Paint decoupage paper on the back with ART POTCH decoupage glue reap and apply to the object. 

Step 2: Paint over with ART POTCH Decoupage glue &  paint evenly . Allow to dry. Ready! clean the tools with water After use (before drying)

  • The surface of the object to be decorated should be clean and free of grease.
  • To spice up the background color you can color with Hobby Line acrylic matte paint
  • If decoupage paper is to be used on dark backgrounds, you should prime the area to be glued with white or another light color or the motif matching color.
  • Allow primer to dry.
  • Paint completely over with Potch Decoupage glue on applied and not applied surface for gorgeous shine as well as protection from water and weather.

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Product description

Category: Home design & Decoupage, Decoupage supplies

Shipping weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: Hobby line

Product code - SKU: HDD07001109

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