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 Artist Brush24 images

  • Artist Brush24 images
  • Artist Brush24 images
  • Artist Brush24 images

Artist Brush24

SKU: ARS08001153

Price: ₹ 860

In stock

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Item Type : Bristle Fan Artist Brush | Size : 3

Brushes made of bristles are stiffer and have more spring than brushes made of natural hair. Bristles are “flagged” at the tip, i.e. the bristle splits into 2 or more tips while growing.

The term “natural bristle” is used for bristles with a diameter of 0.20 mm or more. Chinese bristles of especially high quality are used to make our brushes. They stand out for their color holding capacity as well as elasticity and high grade of durability.


Large plain, untreated handle, metal ferrule, flat "Gussow"-shape, filament of white Chinese bristles.

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Product description

Category: Art Supplies, Artist Brushes

Shipping weight: 0.2 kg.

Manufacturer: Solo Goya

Product code - SKU: ARS08001153

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