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 CandlePen Black images

  • CandlePen Black images
  • CandlePen Black images
  • CandlePen Black images
  • CandlePen Black images
  • CandlePen Black images
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CandlePen Black

SKU: HDD02001009

Price: Rs.231

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Item Type : Candle Painting Pen | Quantity : 29 ml 

Create your own special designs for labeling, decorating and painting of candles. The liquid wax-based paint is applied directly from the pen. Use these paints to color candle with brush too


Magical Underwater World: Candle paint & decorate

Make candles yourself with the PicTixx CandlePen! The existing on the basis of liquid wax colors are applied directly from the handy pen, dabbed with the sponge or painted with the brush.

Step 1
Put some of the desired color from the Hobby Line Pic Tixx candles Pen on a pallet with the candles paint in 1: 2 ratio mix. Color with a soft brush or a sponge with horizontal brush strokes. 
Allow to dry.

Step 2
Carefully remove the stencil from the backing sheet and how to place desired. Self-adhesive template press very well. Take some amount of the Pic Tixx  candlePen on sponge and dab the stencil. Smaller designs can be painted directly with the pen. For larger areas use a palette knife. 
remove template carefull and wash it under warm water and place it back on the carrier sheet.

Step 3
The name can be worked freely or using a template. Enter the name for the template in the computer in the font and simply print. Fix with adhesive tape on the candle and write with a pencil. Due to the pressure the template is carved into the candle. Remove paper and trace the engraving with desired pen. 
It can then freely decorations, such as small fish etc can be done

Tip: For cleaning the stencil works use warm water since this liquefies the wax.


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Product description

Category: Home design & Decoupage, Candle decoration

Shipping weight: 0.20 kg.

Brand: Hobby line

Product code (SKU): HDD02001009

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