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 ChartpakAD Markers Set,100 images

  • ChartpakAD Markers Set,100 images
  • ChartpakAD Markers Set,100 images
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ChartpakAD Markers Set,100

SKU: DRI08001053

Price: Rs.24,415

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Waterproof, permanent, solvent-based markers deliver brilliant sparkling colour in fine, medium, or broad strokes. Each marker contains a single nib capable of three distinct line weights. From crisp line drawings to broad strokes to all is available in one nib. 
Chartpak AD markers are made in USA


What we found is Chartpaks are probably the most “juicy” of the lot. Which in turn means easy blending as it gives bit of ‘lead’ before the first stroke dries. Also these are probably the only markers which do not mix with ball point pen inks – which for a designer means no copying (saves lot of time) and going ahead with rendering on original sketch. Also these markers are favourites with some of the largest automotive studios in India and the across the globe.

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Product description

Category: Drawing & Illustration, Chartpak AD Marker Sets

Shipping weight: 3.5 kg.

Manufacturer: Chartpak

Product code - SKU: DRI08001053

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