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Clear Glossy Laquer

SKU: VAP01001018

Price: Rs.2,194

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CATEGORY : VARNISH | Glossy Lacquer | Quanity : 350 ml

For environment-conscious spraying in a quick-drying, waterbased acrylic quality, which meets highest demands: with a very good coverage, weather-resistant after curing, suited for polystyrene. Due to a special spray technology the spraydust could be reduced remarkably. Furthermore: pleasant vanilla smell instead of annoying solvent odour - 90 % of the solvents were replaced by water. These properties allow to spray even in interior rooms. DUPLI-COLOR AQUA sprays correspond to the DIN EN 71-3 norm and thus they are even appropriate to paint toys.

Made in Germany

PRIOR TO USAGE: Remove spray nozzle and take out red plastic protection ring; Shake well before use.

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Product description

Category: Varnishes and primers, Sprays

Shipping weight: 0.4 kg.

Manufacturer: Dupli Color

Product code (SKU): VAP01001018

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