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Cracklelacquer medium

SKU: ARS09001187

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Net Qty 50ml

Stir 2-3 drops of normal household dishwashing detergent in 10 ml of crackle medium. Apply to the primer coat that has not quite dried out. Shorter drying periods produce larger cracks, longer periods produce finer cracks. Contains
water-soluble resin.

Using crackle technique
❚ Apply the basic varnish evenly. Let it dry until the varnish is dry to touch (about 1 to 2 hours), first testing with
the fingertip after 50 minutes. A short drying time creates large cracks; a longer drying time creates many small
❚ Apply Crackle medium. Add 2-3 drops of household washing up liquid into 10 ml of crackle medium and apply
evenly. After drying large or small cracks will appear.
❚ Fill out the cracks with SOLO GOYA Artists’ Oil Color. Depending on individual taste, use brown shades for lightcolored
objects, white, ocher, red or blue shades for dark objects. The color should be applied thickly with a cloth
onto the whole surface and rubbed into the cracks. The surface color can then be removed with a clean cloth
so that the paint only remains in the cracks. Let the crackle medium application dry for 2 days.
❚ Washing out of the crackle application. Under flowing water and together with a soft brush, the crackle
medium application can be dissolved away. The Artists’ Oil Color remains slightly raised. Work carefully.
Allow to dry for one day.
❚ Protect by varnishing with basic varnish. The layer of basic varnish should be applied carefully using a large soft
brush. Allow to dry for one day. Store horizontally while it is drying. Work finished!

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Product description

Category: Art Supplies, Artist Mediums & Varnishes

Shipping weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: Solo Goya

Product code - SKU: ARS09001187

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