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 CracklePaint Primer NonAbsorbent Surface images

  • CracklePaint Primer NonAbsorbent Surface images
  • CracklePaint Primer NonAbsorbent Surface images
  • CracklePaint Primer NonAbsorbent Surface images

CracklePaint Primer NonAbsorbent Surface

SKU: HDD04001053

Price: Rs.420

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Paint Type : Crackle paint primer | Quantity : 90 ml

Home Design primer for micro facet coating

  • Primer for maximum adhesion of the micro-facet coating
  • Water-based
  • Available in White and Transparent: If a dark substrate designed with a lighter micro facets paint, use the primer white. Use the transparent adhesive primer if the surface is to be designed in the same color or lighter than the micro-facet coating.
  • Stir well before use
  • Primer for micro facet coating tired applied in one operation with a soft, flat synthetic brush.


For effective facet structures on furniture, tables, chairs and home accessories.

  • Single component for plastic, textured design of many solid surfaces such as wood, paper, cardboard, canvas, stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, plastic and styrofoam
  • On drying the color breaks in particularly fine facets on and forms a smooth surface
  • Colors are water-based
  • Diluted with water, mixed with each other, odorless, lightfast
  • Shades dry glossy and waterproof to
  • For use with adhesive primer for micro facet coating
  • Spread color with a soft synthetic brush (eg Hobbyline BASIC)

Step 1 - Prime with micro facet  primer
Paint the complete mini canvas  and easel with the white primer for micro facet with a soft brush  

Step 2 - micro-facets varnish
Make apropriate design with using micro crackle paint.

Step 3 Prepare Details 
 Frills and strips applied to the already dried ink. These will nice dry up in facets.

after 15 minutes drying time

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Product description

Category: Home design & Decoupage, Crackle paints

Shipping weight: 0.15 kg.

Manufacturer: Home design

Product code - SKU: HDD04001053

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