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 CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images

  • CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images
  • CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images
  • CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images
  • CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images
  • CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface images
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CracklePaint Primer PorousSurface

SKU: HDD04001052

Price: Rs.420

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Home Design Primer for Crackle Paint | Quantity: 90ml

For absorptive, porous surfaces e.g. wood, canvas, cardboard, plaster, aerated concrete stone

The undercoat solidifies the surface. The absorptive ability is reduced to an equal measure over the entire area. Test the suitability of the undercoat in an inconspicuous place of the desired surface.


For effective facet structure on furniture, tables, chairs and home accessories.

  • Single-component lacquer for the three-dimensional, relief-like design of
  • many solid surfaces such as wood, paper, cardboard, canvas, stone, glass,
  • ceramics, porcelain, terracotta, plastic and Styrofoam
  • The paint is filled with facets whiile drying
  • The paints are water-base and are of creamy, drip-proof,
  • spatula suitable consistency
  • Mixable with each other, light fast
  • Color paints dry with a glossy finish
  • Suitable for stenciling and for creative home design

Surface should be grease and dust-free. Carefully pull off self-adhesive design stencil (“Fantastic Flowers”, Item-No. 74802) from the carrier foil, place on the surface and press down well. 
With sponge take up a little contact primer for absorptive surfaces and carefully dab the motif on to the surface. Immediately remove the stencil, clean it under warm running water, dry it with a fuzz-free cloth and place it back on the carrier foil. The contact primer is milky at first, but dries transparently glossy.

After the drying time of approximately 2 hours, again replace the stencil and firmly press it down. Stir the Crackle Paint well. With the help of a spatula fill the motif with white Crackle Paint and then apply some royal blue to the still wet paint. This will render a very beautiful, effective color mixture.
Immediately remove the stencil and clean it (see step 1). Clean the work utensils with warm water. Let the Crackle Paint dry at room temperature. In this way the most beautifully pronounced facets are created. The drying time can be up to 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the applied layer.

Crackles after 45 minutes of drying time




Crackles after 2 hours of dr ying time


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Product description

Category: Home design & Decoupage, Crackle paints

Shipping weight: 0.15 kg.

Manufacturer: Home design

Product code (SKU): HDD04001052

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