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  • DecoHardener S images
  • DecoHardener S images
  • DecoHardener S images
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DecoHardener S

SKU: HDD05001059

Price: Rs.424

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Net Qty 150ml


Shaping, air drying hardener (water-based). Made for hardening of textiles, silk, leather and natural papers.

  • The formal, air-drying water-based paste
  • With Hobby Line DECO Hardener you can convert cotton bags to flower planters, silk scarves to fruit bowls or materials to decorative elements
  • Larger parts, such as a room divider can be created
  • The dried object is weather-resistant by coating with Hobby Line acrylic gloss paint based on synthetic resins 
  • available in the 150 ml can and in the 750 ml bottle


Step 1

Apply Hobby Line DECO Hardener on top side with a brush on the bag. For a cotton bag (38 x 42 cm) you will need about 150 ml DECO Hardener. Clean brush with water immediately.

Step 2

(Use disposable gloves!) For ease of modeling, Wrap the cloth in around the bucket for shape.fix the edge of the cloth to the bucket with clothes pins. Let dry overnight. Remove the bucket. For a better stability, also apply DECO handener in the inner part of the bag .
Let dry at room temperature for about 2 to 3 days or alternatively let dry for 10 minutes in the preheated oven (110 ° C).Shortly after removal from the oven, the material is still flexible and you can make corrections or design changes.Drying can be accelerated with the hair dryer.

Step 3

Use liquid bronze with a bristle brush and paint the home design champagne cooler with it. Stir color well before use.

Step 4

Brush the interior to protect the color with Home Design ART DECO coating varnish. Leave to dry well.

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Product description

Category: Home design & Decoupage, Deco Hardener

Shipping weight: 0.2 kg.

Product code - SKU: HDD05001059

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