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LiquidAcrylic Black

SKU: ARS04001137

Price: Rs.310

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Paint Type : Solo Goya Aqua Liquid Acrylic Colour | Quantity : 20ml bottle

The liquid acrylic paint for watercolor like techniques
This liquid paint is easy to use – just dip your brush into the paint
and start – inspiring for both adults and children and a delight to use.
The results are impressive because of the lightfast color shades and
the final result is a picture that looks like a water-color painting.
❚ Liquid, water-based paint with characteristics of a watercolor paint
for transparent, watercolor like paintings on stretched canvas,
cardboard, paper, wood etc.
❚ Colors are lightfast, intermixable, can be thinned with water
and are quick and evenly drying, transparent and waterproof
❚Brushes and utensils can be easily cleaned with water

Tips for painting with the aqua color
❚ Stir the paint well before use
❚ Apply sparingly with a soft brush
❚ Let areas of color situated next to each other dry
thoroughly before painting the next one in order
to avoid the color flowing into one another
❚ Surplus paint can be removed with kitchen paper
❚ In cases where single color applications are painted
on top of each other the background becomes darker.
Shadows can be painted in this manner

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Product description

Category: Art Supplies, Aqua liquid acrylics

Shipping weight: 0.06 kg.

Manufacturer: Solo Goya

Product code - SKU: ARS04001137



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