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LiquidAcrylic Mask Paint

SKU: ARS04001138

Price: Rs.640

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Paint Type : Solo Goya Mask Paint | Quantity : 150ml Jar

Creative watercolor paintings with SOLO GOYA MaskPainting

  • Mask Painting enables new creative applications painting on canvas, carton or watercolor pads
  • The SOLO GOYA Mask Liner in the practical pen will be used for fine lines and can be applied directly from the pen
  • The SOLO GOYA Mask Paint in a 150 ml can will be used for bigger areas and is applied with a brush

Tips for MaskPainting

  • Draw the desired motif with a disappearing ink pen. Follow the drawn lines with the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner. Let dry for approx. 1 hour.
  • Paint with ART ACRYL AQUA or watercolors all the desired areas. It is also possible to paint more layers starting from light colors followed by darker ones. In this case, you can apply more lines with the Mask Liner.
  • As soon as the colors are dry the lines painted with the Mask Liner can be peeled off or scratched away. The result will be a painting with surprising effects!

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Product description

Category: Art Supplies, Aqua liquid acrylics

Shipping weight: 0.2 kg.

Manufacturer: Solo Goya

Product code - SKU: ARS04001138



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