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MakeUp Stick set2

SKU: SKA04001032

Price: Rs.300

In stock

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6 Sticks (White, Yellow, Red, Green,
Blue, Black)

Quality and Safety
health of your skin very seriously. That is why, in the manufacture of FANTASY Make Up, best cosmetic ingredients are used, most of which are approved for use in food and pharma products. and regular dermatological and microbiological tests are carried out on our products.
Products are in strict adherence to the EU cosmetic law 1223/2009. Many of the FANTASY Make up Products are also tested according to the guidelines for toys 2009/48/EU.


Applying FANTASY Make Up is simple and straightforward. You will need a sponge to apply a make up base, brushes for fi ne lines, or simply make use of your fi ngers. Moisten the Make Up with some water and you are ready to go. The colors dry quickly and are non-smear. Once a color is dry, another color may be applied over it. It is also easy to mix colors to
create new color tones. FANTASY Make Up is available in jars, tubes, in body painting paintboxes and as high quality make up sticks, in a broad spectrum of brilliant and attractive colors. Simply wash FANTASY Make Up off with water and soap.

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Product description

Category: Skin art, Face painting kits

Shipping weight: 0.2 kg.

Manufacturer: fantasy makeup

Product code - SKU: SKA04001032

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