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 OilColour Black images

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OilColour Black

SKU: ARS06001255

Price: Rs.560

In stock

Price includes GST, shipping cost is not included.

Paint Type : Solo Goya Finest Oil Colour | Quantity : 55 ml Tube 

SOLO GOYA Finest Artists’ Oil Colors
❚ With one and a half centuries of experience and produced according to the most advanced painting technique knowledge
❚ A pure oil paint with excellent brilliance and high lightfastness
❚ The brilliance of the 48 color shades is unsurpassable
❚ Only selected pigments of highest quality and purity, dried oils without resin additive are used
❚ The colors are economical to use, have butter like consistency, and are smooth in texture


Colour in the image may not match the final colour of the paint due to display limitations of digital content delivery. The swatch in the image is supplied by manufacturer and image is shot by skillsuppies under controlled condition to represent closest possible colour. However the perceived colour also depends on the display system on which it is viewed and hence consistency is almost impossible

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Product description

Category: Art Supplies, Artist oils

Shipping weight: 0.05 kg.

Brand: Solo Goya

Product code (SKU): ARS06001255

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