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PolymerClay Bake & Bend

SKU: KIC05001064

Price: Rs.615

In stock

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The Bake & Bend oven bake clay kit lets kids make projects that bend and twist without breaking just like rubber!  Kids can let their imaginations run wild with the clay and tools included in the kit – the possibilities are endless! This is the perfect rainy day activity or buy several and throw your kid a crafting birthday party!

Set includes six 1 oz bars of Sculpey® SuperFlex Bake & Bend® clay and Modeling Tool.

Product Instructions

Find project / tutorials and how to? at:

Projects http://www.sculpey.com/create/

Videos http://www.sculpey.com/projects/?video=1

Techniques http://www.sculpey.com/technique-tutorials/

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Product description

Category: KIDS CRAFT, Polymer clay & kit

Shipping weight: 0.30 kg.

Brand: Sculpey

Product code (SKU): KIC05001064

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