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Textile Potch

SKU: TSS02001016

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Water-based, transparent glue for napkin technique on textiles and silk.

150ml Jar.


  • Rinse cloth well before first use to remove chemicals.
  • Apply Textil Potch generously to section of cloth.
  • Position uppermost layer of the napkin on this section.
  • Apply Textil Potch several times to decorated area.
  • Let dry completely(approx. 24h).
  • Finish with ironing from the left side of cloth.
  • Wash in-side out up to 40°C. Washing by hand is recommended.

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Product description

Category: Textile & silk supplies, Accessories for Textile, silk

Shipping weight: 0.2 kg.

Manufacturer: Javana

Product code - SKU: TSS02001016



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