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 Tools INTL clay NS60L Billet images

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Tools INTL clay NS60L Billet

SKU: ADM01001000

Price: Rs.1,350

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Tools Industrial Clay is chemical composed clay used for 3D modeling design products, such as Automobile, motorcycle and consumer electronics products. Tools Industrial Clay does not have much expansion/shrinkage and remain certain hardness at temperature around 25℃. The Sharpe of the clay is stable. Because our Industrial Clay remains hard at room temperature, use the special oven for Industrial Clay to warm up the Industrial Clay until the core of the Industrial Clay becomes soft. Tools Industrial Clay becomes soft by heating up the clay oven at the oven temperature 60℃
It is possible to apply the clay onto the core of the armature after hearing up and scraping the clay using hand tools after cooling off. It is possible to apply/scrape the clay many times, so it is easy to change the shape and design of the clay model. Also, it is possible to use the Clay Sharper to reshape the clay

NS series clay

Absolutely free. Can be without any problem. This new generation industrial clay is 2/3 the weight of based clay. NS series supplied in India is NS60L which has softening temp of about 60℃ . Working temp generally is around 20 -25  and most often it requires A/C

Specifications: NS60L

Made in: JAPAN
Hardness(25℃): 83 (Measurement by ASKER Durometer Type C, Which is based on JIS K 7312)
Specific gravity: 1
Softening temprature: 60℃
Odor: Slight
Billet size: 55φ×265mm 
Weight: 620gms

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Product description

Category: Automotive Design & Modeling, Automotive clay

Shipping weight: 0.75 kg.

Manufacturer: Tools International

Product code - SKU: ADM01001000



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