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WallStencilXXL 4

SKU: STM01001022

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XXL size: W 100 x H 115 cm 
(6 parts)

  • self-adhesive and re-usable. High quality low tack adhesive is safe and WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR WALL PAINT OR LEAVE RESIDUE WHILE TAKING OFF
  • Can be used on walls, wood, canvas, textiles, metal, paper, foil, glass, ceramics, plastics.
  • Color recommendations: Home Design Stencil color, SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic, JAVANA TEXTIL fabric color OPAK, JAVANA TEXTIL Effect Colors



Background should be clean, dust and grease-free and dry. Paste the numbered separate patterns on the chosen place and smooth out. Start with the lowest motif. Make sure to arrange the separate motifs close to each other (step 1). 

Dab the desired paint on the motif. We recommend for dabbing: a dry stencil brush or a paint roller (see next page). Use only a little paint and apply paint from outer border of motif to inside to avoid that paint gets under the stencil.
Try out other techniques on a sheet of paper. In order to increase the color intensity, after color application allow the stencil to stick on the surface to be decorated; let color dry. Apply paint to the chosen places repeatedly. Apply several thinner layers instead of one thick layer, since otherwise the surplus of paint might get under the stencils. Just as well you may dab together two or more colors within one surface for a continued course of colors.  
Pull stencils off the wall carefully (step 2) and paint interspaces, if necessary, in respective color (step 3). 
Clean stencils and tools carefully with clear water or a moist cloth immediately after use. For drying and storing place each stencil on the silicone-coated papers inside the package.


Evenly plastered walls and wallpapers with no surface texture or grain are especially suitable. On mineral plaster, large stencils should be extra fastened.


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Product description

Category: Stencils MultiUse, Home design stencils

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Manufacturer: Brico

Product code - SKU: STM01001022