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 Woodstain color set images

  • Woodstain color set images
  • Woodstain color set images
  • Woodstain color set images
  • Woodstain color set images
  • Woodstain color set images
  • Woodstain color set images
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Woodstain color set

SKU: CPM09001006

Price: Rs.1,444

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Emphasizing the wood grain ... with Hobby Line Wood Stain

  • Water-based product
  • Suitable for glazing untreated wooden objects
  • The wood grain gets an attractive color
  • The natural wood grain remains unchanged
  • The color is saliva-proof and therefore perfect for coloring children toys

6 x 20 ml acrylic wood stain water-based, (in White, Sun Yellow, Cherry, Ultramarine, Pistachio, Maroon); Brush and instructions included. 


Step 1 - Apply paint
Stir color well. Apply paint with soft brush or sponge in fiber direction add more quotes if necessary. Always work swiftly and without interruption to avoid streaks. you can mix colors while its wet. in this example white was mixed with tinge of blue

Step 2 - Scene painting
Transfer motif / pattern with hobby line craft paper or by any other means. You can also draw after it is touch dry  (about 4 hrs) . (download the above motive from the images)

Download more patterns from http://javana.de/Blumen.408.0.html?&L=0

Step 3 - coloring
Color The design with the desired wood stain colors.

Step 4 - Apply protective lacquer
After the color has dried (about 12 hours), the object can be painted over. This is recommended especially for objects in the outer region and for all seating and table surfaces. Hint : In order to obtain a very smooth surface, the wood can be soaked in water before the first application of paint. Thus, the wood fibers to stand on. sand the surfaces after it dries using sand paper

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Product description

Category: Craft Paints & Markers, Craft painting sets

Shipping weight: 0.3 kg.

Manufacturer: Hobby line

Product code (SKU): CPM09001006




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