About us

Journey of skillsupplies started with quest of a designer to find Copic Markers in India. Back in 2007 when Mr Neeraj Pal returned from UK following his Masters Degree in Automotive design, He established Design Skillset  for teaching Automotive sketching, soon to find that huge dearth of quality design supplies in India. which led to intial tie up with Tools Corporation japan for Copic makers. Soon the 'SHOP' section of DesignSkillset gained popularity, and with GM as our first corporate client - SKILLSUPPLIES was established in 2011 mainly to cater to corporate clients.

With skillsupplies on, we were found by more artist and designers and they looked upon us for procurement of professional art design and craft material, sooner than we know,  today we are probably the only store to cater to artist and crafters for all field of craft

Please drop mail to Mr. Pal at  in case of Distributorship for India, unresolved issue, material procurement, complains, collaboration etc.