Oven D150S

ArtPAL Clay Oven D150S

Presenting India's first dedicated clay / craft oven with Industrial grade accuracty of  +- 2°C, with digital temp control and digital timer now you can engage in dwell time on modeling and not worrying about overhating. Meant for small studios and avid crafter this model has small foot print and does not require exhaust connection.


Dimensions - W 465 X D 465 X H 540
Weight - 28 kg
Watts : 600 W 
Temp capacity : 25°C - 160°C
Timer range: 0 - 99.59 hrs (default setting 3 hrs)

With large interior volume and capacity to hold 15 billets of clay, you will never run out of clay for small and medium size projects, and with magnetic door locking reinforced by positive latch you can always be ensured of proper heating.

Intermal specification

Heating chamber: W 360 X D 360 X H 360
Heating sides: 5 side uniform
No or trays: 3
Billet capacity: 15 (tools clay billet)
Time from 0°C to 60°C - 20 -25 minutes

Other details

Door: Magnetic + latch
Tray Material : Stainless steel


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